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Top Online Roulette Bonuses April 2020

Here at All Roulette Sites, we love our roulette bonuses. In fact, when you read our reviews you will probably notice that we put a lot of effort into researching the bonuses each online casino offers. Here, we want to talk to you a little bit about roulette bonuses. Well, a lot about them. Just so you can see why we do put a major focus on them.

What are Roulette Bonuses?

roulette free gamesIf you head online, you will likely notice that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of online gambling sites offering roulette. This is fantastic! It means that you should always have a few places to pick from when it comes to gambling. The problem? There is very little to distinguish between the sites.

The things one online casino offers can likely be found in other online casinos. The result is that the companies which are more ‘well known’ tend to get the bulk of the business.

It was impossible for a new roulette site to enter the scene. They offered nothing of note. This is where roulette bonuses come into play.

A short while back, online casinos realised that the best way to get people onto their website is to appeal to what they want the most; money. The result is that they started to offer incentives for people to come and play with them. These incentives came in the form of small monetary bonuses. These are small cash rewards that you can use to gamble with and play some roulette. Nifty stuff!

The awesome thing about roulette bonuses is that they allow you to check out a website. The online casinos know that if you spend your time gambling with them, even for just a short period, they are likely to secure you as a customer for life. This is why they are more than happy to give out free cash. They benefit from the arrangement just as much as you do.

Can You Win with Roulette Bonuses?

Of course you can! There will be a few terms and conditions in place. For example; you may need to play through your winnings a few times or make a minimum wager to qualify to withdraw your cash, but eventually you can take it out of your account and enjoy the money!

Deposit Based Online Roulette Bonuses

These are probably the most common bonuses that you will find when you are gambling online. They come in one of two formats:
You deposit a certain amount of cash and you are given a fixed sum of cash to gamble with.
Matched deposits. So, the online casino will match your initial deposit up to a certain amount.

In many cases, the online casino will give you your roulette bonus for the first few deposits that you make into your account. Of course, there is some risk on your part as you will need to deposit your own cash to take advantage of the bonus, but as long as you read our roulette reviews this should not be that much of an issue.

No Deposit Roulette Bonuses

These are more common with the new roulette sites. With this type of bonus, you will be given cash just for signing up. If you have not had an account with the website before, at least. The best part about this type of bonus is that there is no risk on your part. Sign up to the website. Play with the cash they give you. If you are not happy with the site, you can move on. Simple as that.

The only thing that you may not like about these bonuses is that there may be stricter terms and conditions in place. This means that you may not be able to withdraw your cash quite so easily. Not much of an issue since it is free money anyway.

Reoccuring Roulette Bonuses

This is the last type of bonus. Your reoccurring ones. These are for the people that continue to play at the online roulette site. If you keep coming back for more, the online casino will reward you for it.

After all, they like to keep their best players playing! With this type of bonus, it varies what you get. In some cases, you will be given a flat amount of cash to play about with, in others they may match your deposit for a short period of time. It all depends on the casino. They will always change up their bonuses so keep an eye out! 

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High Roller VIP Bonuses

There are also certain roulette bonuses reserved specifically for VIP players which usually means 'high rollers'. High rollers is a term given to those players who bet bog and often, not just with the amount of deposits but also the stakes at which they play at.

Most online casinos reward VIP players with regular 'Highroller' bonuses, and if you get to this stage then you can usually look forward to other perks that the casino will lay on, including your own personal account manager, gifts, extra cashback, special invitiations for VIP events, instant cash outs and withdrawals - the list goes on! You will find the best 'highroller' bonuses below.

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